Report Urges Closer Cooperation Between UK, Neighborhoods, And City

May 17, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A $45-thousand dollar study conducted by Omar Blaik, an expert on town-and-gown issues, says the placement of the University of Kentucky’s new student housing developments is vital to creating a “campus community."

Blaik’s report confirmed what many neighborhood residents near UK have said for years: an uptick in rental units near UK and Transylvania University has pushed families and some faculty out. According to the study, while 68 percent of employees at UK, Transylvania, and Blue grass Community and Technical College live within the urban service boundary, only 7.7 percent live close to the campuses.

With renovations and increases in student housing planned at UK and a city government eager to create a more vibrant downtown, Blaik told the Lexington Herald-Leader the opportunity is tremendous if the schools and the city can effectively work together.

The report recommends that an advisory council be formed to continue working on closer collaboration and that the city strengthen its commercial corridors and promote downtown as a student/mixed-use entertainment district.