Report: Kentucky Forests Remain Largely Intact

Aug 9, 2012

FRANKFORT, Ky. - The Kentucky Division of Forestry has just released a report on the state of the Commonwealth’s forests. 

It notes that Kentucky has approximately 12.4 million acres of forest which covers 45% of the state, figures that have remained steady for the past 50 years.  Most significant - Kentucky forests are producing about twice the amount of wood than is being removed through harvesting.  Division of Forestry director Leah MacSwords chalks these successes up to proper forest management. 

“Our forests provide so many opportunities, not only for the forest industry, but for recreational opportunities, clean air, clean water, and certainly wildlife habitat.  And as long as we properly manage our forests and take care of them, they will continue to provide all those benefits that Kentuckians really want.”

This report is the result of data collected from foresters across the state which is analyzed by the United States Forest Service.  New reports are compiled annually.