Report: Fayette County Ranks High In Overall Child Health, Lags In Youth Incarceration

Dec 10, 2013

A new report shows Fayette County ranking 33rd among Kentucky’s 120 counties using 16 indicators of child well-being.


Fayette ranked near the top in most health indicators but failed to match the state average in other areas.

This is the first year the results of the KIDS COUNT report, a collaborative project between the Annie E. Casey Foundation and Kentucky Youth Advocates, were broken down by county. Now, officials have more fine-grained view of how the state is doing in four key areas related to youth: economic security, health, education, and family and community.

Andrea Bennett with KYA says Fayette County was ranked fifth overall in health, but other indicators were less encouraging.

"Two of the key indicators that stood out [where] Fayette County did worse than the state: one was in children in out-of-home care and the other was youth incarcerated in the juvenile justice system. What we know right now is that each local community handles out-of-home care and youth incarceration very differently," she says.

Bennett says the report will allow officials to seek advice from others in higher-ranking counties on how they might improve services.

Overall, Oldham County earned the top spot.