Ramsey Mum On Pitino Scandal

Louisville, KY – The Courier-Journal published details of a July police interview with Pitino in which he

acknowledged having a sexual encounter six years ago with Karen Cunagin, now Karen

Sypher, at a Louisville restaurant. Pitino also denied her allegation of rape; prosecutors

last month declined to bring charges against him.

According to the report, Pitino also gave the woman three thousand dollars after she told

him she was going to obtain an abortion and didn't have insurance. His attorney says

the coach believed the money was for medical insurance.

U of L President James Ramsey declined to comment today (Wed) beyond a statement

released the previous night.

(i have not had the opportunity to talk with anyone else. the athletic director was out this

morning. i'll try to arrange to meet with him and talk with him and others).

Ramsey said in his statement that he was "surprised" by details surrounding Pitino's

acknowldgement of the encounter but that his thoughts were with the coach's family.