Prosecutor Accused Of Affair With Defendant

Jul 18, 2014

A Kentucky prosecutor has been accused of having an affair with and impregnating a defendant whom he prosecuted for felony drug trafficking.

The allegations come from his estranged wife and a defense attorney. 

In court records in a divorce case and a criminal case, Russell County Commonwealth's Attorney Matthew Leveridge is alleged to have carried on a two-month long sexual relationship with Lashley Sartain, then filing a motion to end her probation after she told his wife about the affair.

Leveridge declined to comment to the Lexington Herald-Leader about the allegations.

Leveridge cited a pending misdemeanor shoplifting charge as his reason for revoking Sartain's probation in the drug case. After filing the motion, Leveridge disqualified himself. Wayne County Attorney Thomas Simmons took over the case and withdrew the motion.