Program Steers Young Drivers In The Right Direction

Sep 10, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Young drivers will soon have a new practice pad in Lexington where they can learn defensive driving techniques.

Demand has been growing for a program co-sponsored by the city that teaches teenaged drivers how to maintain control of their cars in tricky situations. Now, thanks to donations from local contractors, the program will have a new three-acre blacktop pad at its disposal. County Attorney Larry Roberts says a student taking the course will use what’s known as a “skid monster.”

"So we get him used to the car and then we say 'OK, take a right turns around that cone down there' and he does and we disengage the wheels with a clicker and the car goes 360 degrees," Roberts says.

So far, 190 young drivers have taken the class. Those interested must have logged at least 20 hours behind the wheel. The cost for the week-long course is $200.