President Obama And Senator McConnell Trade Swipes Over Student Loans

Jun 21, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. - With slightly more than a week before student loan rates double for millions on July 1st, President Obama is pushing Congress to act – and his opponents are responding. 

Kentucky’s Senior Senator Mitch McConnell took a preemptive swing at the president’s remarks, charging the administration with deflection and distraction when it comes to addressing those struggling with unemployment.

"The president doesn't have a positive message to send to any of these folks, so he's cooking up false controversies to distract them from his own failure to turn the economy around," McConnell said.

The debate is over how to pay for the extension of lower loan rates for another year. In his remarks Thursday, Mr. Obama addressed the accusations of deflection.

"That doesn't make much sense because this is the economy. This is all about the economy. This is all about whether or not we are going to have the best trained, best educated workforce in the world," Mr. Obama said via

McConnell and other GOP leaders have charged that the administration has purposefully ignored Republican proposals and refused to engage in serious talks on the issue.