Prescription Drug Case A First For Eastern Kentucky

Apr 9, 2012

LONDON, Ky. - A case in Breathitt County marks the first prosecution in Kentucky’s Eastern District charging a person with causing a death by distributing prescription medication. 

Judy McIntosh pleaded guilty March 28thto distributing Oxycodone that later contributed to an overdose. Kerry Harvey, U.S. Attorney for Kentucky’s Eastern District, says the penalties in this case, a mandatory sentence of 20 years in federal prison all the way up to life in prison, should serve as a warning shot to those engaged in the illegal drug trade.

"There's a very strong message in this case for anyone out there who might be tempted to try to profit from distributing these sorts of drugs, whether that be a drug pusher on the street corner or somebody who's engaged in the operation of a pill mill," he says.

Harvey predicts, with the growing prescription drug abuse problem in Eastern Kentucky, the statute will likely come into play more often in future cases.