Polling Places Often Not Free Of Drama

Lexington, KY – Assistant Professor Josh Douglas, who specializes in election law, and election-day issues, says voters should be prepared to encounter some last minute politicking outside their respective polling places.

"They (campaign workers) certainly can speak to voters as they lead up to the polls but you'll see if you go to the precincts there'll be signs that say no campaigning past this point. So that's a safe boundary."

Douglas says once voters enter the polling place, they may also be scrutinized by so-called election challengers.

"These are people who are there, some will say, to protect the integrity of voters' rights and make sure people aren't being denied the proper right to vote. Others, more cynically will say that the challengers are there to prevent people who they think are not eligible to vote."

Douglas says if election officials believe the observers are harassing or intimidating voters, they can be removed from the polling place. In Lexington, the polls will be open from 6 am to 6 pm Tuesday.