Planning Commission Nixes Gas Pumps At Chinoe Kroger

Mar 8, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky.  People who live near the Chinoe Village Shopping Center have succeeded in persuading the Urban County Planning Commission to reject a proposal to build a gasoline station at the corner of Chinoe and Creekwood Road.

The main tenant, Kroger had presented a revised plan that it said addressed traffic flow, and noise concerns, but residents who spoke out during a hearing on Thursday, said the pumps would be too close to their homes.

Rena Wiseman, an attorney representing Kroger told the panel that the company’s research showed the impact of adding pumps to the location would be minimal.

“Putting a fuel center at a neighborhood shopping center is not an unusual, atypical use.  They are throughout the community.  We put them in neighborhoods.  There’s one like this at Beaumont across from single family homes.  There is a similar center like this in Hartland which is surrounded by duplexes, townhouses, single family homes.”

But many of the people who spoke out against the plan cited proximity as a major concern.  Bruce Thomas lives directly across from the shopping center.

"But from your all’s seats to that door back there is about 30 yards.  You take ten more steps beyond that, and imagine, you’re standing in your front yard and there’s a gas station ten steps beyond that door.  That’s pretty darned close.”

Planning Commission member Mike Cravens credited Kroger for modifying its plans but in the end, he sided with the neighbors.

“I just don’t think there’s enough room for this; these gas pumps and a canopy and so forth in that parking lot.  While the people are concerned about how close the pumps are to their houses if you look at that, they are pretty close to the front door of that Kroger store, where you have a lot people going in and out of there.”

The Planning Commission voted 6 to 2 to reject the proposal.