Planning Commission Approves Zone Changes For The Summit

Jun 28, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Following three hours of debate Thursday, Lexington’s Urban County Planning Commission voted unanimously to green light zoning changes for a proposed 50-acre commercial-residential development at the Fritz farm property at the southeast corner of Nicholasville and Man O’War.

David Silverstein, principle with Bayer properties, the firm looking to build what’s being called “The Summit,” told the commission has done its due diligence.

"We've hired the best and the brightest... to help us deal with the issues at hand, be it storm water, traffic, and I believe we have worked with staff both here at the city of Lexington and with engineers in Frankfort to develop a plan that really staff could come before you today and say they endorse," Silverstein said.

Yet nearby residents fear a new development including shopping center and possible hotel will drastically change the environment around their neighborhoods. Kathy Estep was among those challenging the plan.

"Our main objection to the project is that the traffic inflow is going to just back up in front of our houses. We have kids... right now it's ok for them to play outside. When you get all this extra traffic coming through there, it's not going to be safe," she argued.

Commission members said they sympathized with the residents but added that government planners had put their stamp of approval on the project. Thursday's zoning changes still require approval from the Urban County Council.