Pedestrian Safety Measure One Step Closer To Passage

May 9, 2017

A city ordinance barring panhandlers and other pedestrians from approaching cars or standing in the roadway in 75 high-traffic areas will hit the docket later this week.

Credit Josh James / WUKY

The Pedestrian and Traffic Safety Ordinance cleared another hurdle Tuesday and heads to a first reading at Thursday’s council meeting. If approved, the measure would increase fines for several offenses – including standing in the median of major roadways.

Concerns had surfaced in a committee meeting about language tightening the city’s rarely-enforced jaywalking provision, but the new version of the ordinance limits the stricter rules does not include smaller neighborhood roads. Vice Mayor Steve Kay suggested the measure return to committee for further review, but councilman Kevin Stinnett objected.

The rest of the council sided with Stinnett and moved the measure forward. If okayed by the council, it will take effect after 60 days.