Paul Has One More Question For Haspel Ahead Of Expected Confirmation

May 16, 2018

Sen. Rand Paul is seeking answers from the woman poised to become the next head of the CIA. The lawmaker sent a letter to Gina Haspel Tuesday asking whether she was aware of any surveillance of then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign.

In the letter, Paul queries Haspel about the CIA’s practices regarding the monitoring of presidential candidates and whether she had any knowledge of surveillance of the Trump campaign – specifically during overseas trips. The New Yorker reported in March that former CIA Director John Brennan was brief by British intelligence on communications between the Trump team and Russia.

Appearing Fox News, Paul laid out his concerns.

"I'm concerned about Gina Haspel being a close acolyte of John Brennan. I also would like to know from her before she's appointed, if she is indeed appointed... what does she know about the surveillance of the Trump campaign," the Bowling Green legislator said.

Although Trump has accused the Obama administration of wiretapping Trump Tower, the Justice Department has said there is no evidence for the claim. Trump campaign advisor Carter Page was tracked by the FBI.

Paul has been the lone Republican holdout against Haspel, who faced close scrutiny over her ties to extreme interrogation practices following 9/11.