Parks Holding Benefit Trail Ride At Hisle Park

Oct 4, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Horse enthusiasts are encouraged to be the first to try out new equestrian trails at Hisle Park in North Lexington while also helping support rider education efforts.

A special benefit trail ride is slated for this Saturday starting at 10 a.m, said Georgia Ockerman, the manager of the Equestrian Program at Masterson Station Park.

“We’re opening it up to the horse riding community and we’re giving them kind of a sneak preview of what it is, where they can ride, how the trails lay, and all of that good stuff.  We’re going to offer them some lunch in the meantime and it’s just a good way to introduce everybody to what exactly is available out there.”

Ockerman will lead the tours and says proceeds will be used to purchase new instructional horses. 

“We’re charging everybody $30 to come out.  We’ve got some horses that are getting pretty elderly and probably need to be retired and this way we’ll be able to put some money aside to buy ourselves some additions to the herd.”

Hisle Park is the second only to Masterson Station Park, as the largest park in the city.  It's located at 3601 Briar Hill Road.

Pre-registration is encouraged, though not required.  Additional information is available at