Opposition To Euclid Kroger Expansion Takes Shape

Jul 24, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - With an Urban County Council vote on the Euclid Kroger expansion on the docket soon, some neighborhood residents are mounting a campaign to stop the plans from being approved.

Credit kentucky.com

Neighborhood resident Kate Savage is busy getting signatures opposing the proposed grocery on Euclid. The project, dubbed “Fort Kroger” by opponents, is drawing protests from those who see the 27,000 square foot expansion as overkill. Savage is the woman behind a crop of yellow signs calling on the council to “say no” to the plans.

"We're not at all happy about the change that this store will make in this neighborhood. This is basically a shopkeeper, mom and pop, small, personalized shopping center," she says.

But other shoppers are welcoming the Kroger proposal, which would add a kitchen section, drive-through pharmacy, and rooftop parking. Area resident Bill Fortune spoke in favor of the development at a Planning Commission meeting on the requested zone changes.

"I try to do as much shopping as humanly possible in the Chevy Chase area and I do that because I consider myself an urban dweller. I do not want to have to go to the suburbs to buy something," Fortune said.

The council is slated to vote on the plans August 13th.