Online Map Details Power Outages

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – A new online map features the latest information on power outages for more than 900,000 utility customers across Kentucky. The Kentucky Utilities and Louisville Gas & Electric map shows where outages have occurred, how many people are affected, and the estimated repair time.

Spokesman Cliff Feltham says the wind storm and ice storm in recent years highlighted the importance of communicating with customers.

"It was the desire by us to feed information to customers and on the other side for customers to get information from us."

Feltham admits he initially questioned the value of an online map, especially during a major storm when thousands of people are without electricity. But he says that even customers sitting in the dark can benefit from the new tool.

"What we found out was that people that didn't have electricity were saying to their friends or even relatives in another city that had power to go check their website and tell me what they're telling us about the outage."

Company officials say the map should be available on mobile devices such as smart phones within the next few months. E-On, the parent company of KU and LG & E, spent over a million dollars on the online outage map.
LINK:Click here to go to view the power outage map.