One Way Streets Study to be Presented in Lexington

Jun 4, 2013

LEXINGTON,KY-- City officials will hold a public meeting Wednesday to discuss a study on converting several one-way streets. 

The Downtown Lexington Traffic Movement and Revitalization Study examined one way streets around the city and the effects of opening them up to two way traffic.   Consultants Stantec Inc.  will present their first set of results, which examine North Limestone, North Upper, Short, and Second Street. 

City planning director Chris King says when other communities converted their streets, it has yielded positive results. 

“A number of them do report the fact that you have more accessibility, you have greater visibility in both directions, that there’s a lot of redevelopment and economic benefits that occur in conjunction with these kinds of conversions," King said. 

One way streets have been a contentious issue in Lexington and there have been several efforts to make them two-way over the years.  King says City officials and project staff will be on hand to answer questions about the study.  The meeting will begin Wednesday at 5PM in Lexington Traditional Magnet School, which is located at 350 North Limestone Street.