Occupy Lexington-One Year Later (Almost)

Sep 17, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - The one year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street Movement means it’s just about the one year anniversary of Lexington’s response to the political, social, and economic demonstrations. 

Greg Capillo, with Occupy Lexington, says even though the group no longer is actively demonstrating outside the Chase Bank building, the passion for change remains strong.

“Just because we have a quote, unquote progressive mayor, that doesn’t mean that we can’t confront austerity here in Lexington, so our response has been to just keep organizing and to keep building that power and participating in the movements that are here…and putting a new lens on that.”

Capillo says the energy behind Occupy Lexington has sparked renewed interest in a number of related causes.

“The great thing about what happened at the occupation, is even if we weren’t really able to maintain a twenty-four hour a day physical presence on a street corner, that’s irrelevant.  Because what has happened from that is there’s been such an amazing outflow of organizing and network, and people meeting each other that would not have happened otherwise.”

Occupy Lexington is planning a one year anniversary rally and demonstration later this month.