Obama Has Work to Do in Kentucky and West Virginia

May 22, 2008

Lexington, KY – Following Tuesday night's presidential primary in Kentucky, bluegrass state democrats have stated loudly and clearly their support for Hillary Clinton. Barack Obama's Tuesday night victory across the country in Oregon, however, has put the Illinois senator in the driver's seat in the final weeks of the primary season.

"He's obviously the odds-on favorite, but there are more primaries," said WUKY political reporter Ken Kurtz.

"There is a serious disconnect in Kentucky," Kurtz stated. "Obama carried the two most populous counties, and failed to carry the other 118."

Following Clinton's promise to battle until the August Democratic Convention, Kurtz thinks the fight for the nomination is far from over.

"My guess is that the two sides will do some intense negotiations. We could have a really stirring convention for the first time in three decades," he predicted.

As for the two parties' prospects in neighboring Kentucky and West Virginia, "Kentucky is a much better prospect than West Virginia," Kurtz believes.

"My guess is that Kentucky is the Republican Party's to lose. I think that nationally, this race is for the Democratic Party to lose. I think West Virginia has a much better prospect of going Democratic than Kentucky," he added.