Northpoint Prison Riot Report To Be Released This Week

Frankfort, KY – Northpoint Training Center employee Vick Morris is blaming prison yard restrictions for the riot, which left six buildings destroyed by fire and several inmates and guards with minor injuries. Morris told a legislative committee in Frankfort, the riot was not about race, and not about bad food. He blames it on an earlier lockdown that followed an inmate-on-inmate assault. "The Wednesday through Friday total lockdown was highly overreaching reactionaryism (sic). We've had much worse con on con throw-downs over the years at Northpoint, without going to lockdown status."

Corrections Commissioner LaDonna Thompson listened to Morris' testimony, but chose not to respond. She says the facts of what happened at Northpoint will be made public in the report to be issued by a Critical Incident Review Team that studied the riot.