A Non-Traditional Path To Graduation

Lexington, KY – 47 year old UK employee Kelvin Bright, first attended the university more than 25 years ago. "In the 90's I decided I wanted to come back, and I just enrolled. I was paying for it myself and I found out that UK was hiring. So I decided to come over here and apply and I got the job and while I was in the interview, my supervisor in custodial services was letting me know about the employee education program they have over here. I was in awe of it and took advantage of it, and here I am today."

48 year old Linda Wilson of Paris, worked for many years cleaning houses. She says one particular client, Harry and Jennie Budden of Lexington, inspired her to pursue her dream of higher education. "I had one family that I worked for for years who put the idea of going back to school in my head and I really blew it off. But she actually drove me to campus and said this is what you're going to do and we're going to help you do it. So, I started out part time. I had no computer skills. They gave my family and I our first computer. And, I went to the University of Kentucky. I used to sit over on Limestone in my car, and figure out how I could go to that college, and how I could even walk across that campus. But I did it."

Bright will earn a bachelor of arts degree in political science. Wilson will graduate with a bachelor's degree in social work. Both hope their stories will inspire others. A total of 2,664 students will graduate from the University of Kentucky Saturday afternoon at 2 in Rupp Arena.