No Summer Break For Outdoor Workers

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – June 21st may mark the summer solstice, but for a Lexington construction worker, it's felt like summer for the past two months.

Timothy Gelentser is a general contractor for Gulley Remodeling, where working outside comes standard with the job.

"It gets hot. Noon, lunchtime it gets hot. If you start a few hours earlier, even an hour earlier in the morning, then that hour in the afternoon that you can take off really helps out."

The mercury edged past the 90-degree mark Monday afternoon. Gelenster's co-worker Kenny Johnson says the heat sometimes slows him down.

"I have seen people in this heat go out, you know get real light-headed, see little white specks. We've been fortunate so far. We can stop, our boss doesn't push us too hard."

The National Weather Service says heat and humidity will continue this week across Kentucky. High temperatures will climb into the mid to upper 90s, creating heat index values of 100 to 105 degrees.