New Science Standards Could Have One More Hurdle To Clear

Oct 14, 2013

Implementation of the new Next Generation Science Standards is moving forward in Kentucky, for now.

That's despite the possibility that the state’s General Assembly could still block them.

Last month Gov. Steve Beshear overruled a legislative subcommittee that rejected the standards, calling them “deficient.” Legislators could reverse that decision, however, when they return in January. The standards have received the endorsement of the Kentucky Board of Education and numerous science groups, but others, such as the Family Foundation of Kentucky, have attacked the guidelines, arguing they treat evolution as a fact and not a theory. Critics also contend the standards overemphasize climate science.

For now, the Department of Education is planning meetings across the Commonwealth with science educators from every school district to help implement the standards by fall 2014. Karen Kidwell, director of program standards for the state education department, says educators will also be working to clarify “a lot of the misconceptions about the standards.”