New Funding Source Helps iHigh Aim High

May 30, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A home-grown, Kentucky internet company has attracted a sizable investment from a national media group.

Tim Campbell, president of Lexington-based iHigh, says its digital platform for high schools and colleges represents the future of broadcast media.

“So high schools all over Kentucky, all over the United States, basketball teams, music groups all over the country and now starting all over the world are able to promote what they do, share what they do through our digital technology, which fundamentally lets them be their own television station.”

iHigh provides a digital platform for high schools and colleges to broadcast any number of events live.  The technology is furnished free of charge.  Revenue is generated through advertising.

The concept has impressed representatives of the Cox Media Group and on Wednesday the company announced it would give iHigh nearly $12M  in funding for expansion efforts.

“What they see in iHigh is the ability to evolve their very large, well established, well respected, and very profitable empire…they see the ability to take what we have and to take it, grow it, and expand and really evolve into the new age of technology.  So they like our technology married with their expertise and their penetration all over the country",  Campbell said.