New Fayette Co. Elementary School Under Construction

LEXINGTON, Ky. -- – Work is underway to alleviate school overcrowding in the Clays Mill area of Lexington. Construction has begun on a new elementary school to open in fall 2011.

Fayette County Public Schools Superintendent Stu Silberman says the $17-million school will feature an instructional program focused on critical thinking and problem solving, communication, adaptability, and stewardship.

"We did a little research, and there is not another school in the country that is basing its curriculum on the 21st century skills in addition to the other core content. So I do believe that this school will become a national model."

Located on Keithshire Way, the yet-to-be-named school will draw its enrollment from neighborhoods that currently feed into Picadome and Stonewall Elementary schools.

With solar panels and a rainwater capture system, the school will be the most energy efficient and sustainable facility in the Fayette County Public School system.