New Euclid Kroger Plans Given Final Approval

Nov 15, 2013

The final proposal for the expanded Kroger on Euclid Avenue received the go-ahead  from the Urban County Planning Commission Thursday.

Credit Kroger

Approval of the design plans, which will substantially increase the size of the current Kroger, came despite pleas by some neighborhood residents to scale back the project.

Kate Savage, who launched a campaign to stop what she named “Fort Kroger,” told the commission she was disillusioned with the process and felt the neighborhoods were being ignored.

"We are volunteers, and we come down here time and time and time again, and we are discounted. We are not heard. We are dismissed. We are patted on the head. We're told, 'Thank you so much for coming. We really appreciate your public input,'" Savage said.

Commission member Carla Blanton took exception to the comment, adding, "We are all volunteers here, so to insinuate that we do not care about this community or that we are getting paid for this while you are volunteering is grossly in error and I'm offended by those comments."

The commission went on to unanimously approve the plans, though some questions remain about the adequacy of the expanded store’s sewer capacity and whether the store can continue to utilize an easement off South Ashland Avenue.