The New Eastern State Hospital Is Set To Open

Sep 4, 2013

New Eastern State Hospital
New Eastern State Hospital

LEXINGTON, Ky--It took years of planning and construction, but the newest state-of-the-art mental health facility is completed in Lexington.  Governor Steve Beshear and more than a dozen organizers and lawmakers cut the ribbon that marks the opening of Eastern State Hospital, relplacing the old location and second oldest mental health hospital in the country.

The new cutting edge building welcomes patients and families with bright colored walls…plenty of natural light and an inviting landscape.  It’s a far cry from the previous Eastern State Building which Carolyn Colliver says was often called “the crazy house” or “the fourth street hospital.”  Her brother Scottie suffered from bi-polar disease and was nearly hospitalized in a similar institution in Virginia. 

After years of struggling to find good mental-health care, Colliver and her family found the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  Now a NAMI board member, she says this Eastern State will do a world of good for people suffering from an illness that is still widely misunderstood.

The new 300,000 square-foot facility will open to patients on September 10th.  The $129-million dollar project is located on UK’s Coldstream Research campus and it will be operated by UK HealthCare.

Eastern State Hospital will house both acute and long-term psychiatric patients within the 50 counties surrounding and including Fayette County.  There will be specialized services for individuals with later phase acquired brain injuries and long-term care for patients who require nursing facility level of care.