New Board of Education Appointees Learn the Ropes

FRANKFORT, Ky. -- – Orientation for new appointees to the Kentucky Board of Education gets underway Monday in Frankfort.

Earlier this month, Gov. Beshear made five new appointments to the board, and two reappointments. The board has 11 voting members.

Lisa Gross of the Education Department says the new appointees have a lot to learn.

"We'll be talking about strategic priorities and the kinds of things that the board will be doing, and just the mechanics of being a board member - when the meetings are, how they're scheduled, where they're located, what's expected of board members, what their statutory requirements are. And just really sort of a primer on what it takes to be a board member."

The first meeting of the revamped board is in August, and one of the first items of business will be election of new officers. Joe Brothers of Elizabethtown, who was appointed to the board by former Gov. Ernie Fletcher and served three terms as chairman, was not reappointed by Gov. Beshear.