Neighborhood Residents Challenge Salt Barn Proposal

Aug 29, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - City officials say Lexington will need another salt storage facility by the end of next year, but the location approved by the Urban County Council in July isn’t sitting well with one neighborhood.

Residents of the Eastland Parkway neighborhood say the city is making a mistake by placing a temporary salt barn at a former Continental Inn location.

"It's basically the front door to the neighborhood," says Eastland Parkway Neighborhood Association president Loys Mather. "There is concern about environmental quality. It's going to be just a few feet from a drainage area that feeds into one of our creeks. The city has spent on that creek about $400,000 in the ast several years."

Mayor Jim Gray has said he won’t rule out finding another site, though no alternative bids had been received as of Wednesday. The city has one salt storage location off Old Frankfort Pike and the Continental Inn site was intended to be a temporary location until the city constructs a permanent barn off Athens-Boonesboro Road.

The Urban County Council is set to take up the issue again Thursday night.