NBC News' Chuck Todd: Kentucky Poised To Become "Center Of Political Universe"

Jul 22, 2014

NBC News Chief White House Correspondent Chuck Todd addressed a packed house at a business summit in Louisville Monday.

The correspondent and host of MSNBC’s The Daily Rundown dubbed Kentucky the “center of the political universe” for the next couple years thanks to the McConnell-Grimes race and a possible presidential run by Sen. Rand Paul, whom Todd called the closest thing the GOP has to a frontrunner. He predicted Paul will become the dominant story in national politics in 2015 if he chooses to run.

With turnout down across the country, an uneven recovery, and a sense of political fatigue, Todd characterized the voter landscape as difficult to read in 2014. He said this could result in a mid-term election determined by how well parties get their base to polls.

Todd served as the keynote for the 2014 Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Business Summit. Tuesday, Attorney General Jack Conway, Agriculture Commissioner Jamie Comer, and others will take part in a leadership panel.