Natural Gas Conference Held in Lexington

May 23, 2013

LEXINGTON,KY-- The Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition held a conference on compressed natural gas in the Hyatt Regency Thursday.

Hosted by the Kentucky Clean Fuels Coalition, the event was a chance to discuss the use of CNG as a fuel in transportation.  Representative Keith Hall of Pikeville, a speaker at the conference, says replacing gasoline with CNG could result in significant fuel savings. 

“You know, there are some engine modifications, pretty simple.  It does cost several thousand dollars to do that, but to save half on the price of your fuel, the rate of return is astronomical and probably within a year you get your money back," Hall said. 

Delta Natural Gas Spokesman Greg Coker added that vehicles can already be converted to run on natural gas, and that the current focus is on making it feasible for the market. 

“We’re looking at solutions.  Are there incentives, are there tax opportunities for private utilities, for private companies to be incented to build this stations where you and I, the private individuals, would then be incented to buy a vehicle that would use compressed natural gas?" Coker said.

Over 150 individuals attended the conference, ranging from government officials to private companies and members of the energy industry.  Prominent speakers included Ed Geers, Vice President of UPS Airlines Ground Support Equipment, and Dr. Len Peters, Secretary of the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet.