National Guard Unit To Help Afghan Farmers

For the family members of soldiers and airmen, war zone deployments mean months of waiting for loved ones to come home.

Michelle Blessett of Elizabethtown said goodbye to her husband Friday, who after 18 years of military service, is going on his first overseas tour to Afghanistan.

"When he's home I know he's safe, when he's gone I don't, so there's uncertainty."

A large crowd gathered in Lexington Friday for the Kentucky National Guard's farewell ceremony. Despite her fears, Blessett says she's proud of her husband, who will be serving with the Agribusiness Development Team.

"This is a good mission to go on, a lot of people that he knows, a lot of people he's familiar with, a lot of good soldiers. So he's definitely, definitely excited."

The 64 members of the Agribusiness Development Team will help Afghan farmers become more self-sufficient. The unit will train at Camp Atterbury, Indiana for several weeks before deploying on its 11-month mission.