Monday Marks Deadline For Jan. 1 Kynect Coverage

Dec 23, 2013

Today marks the deadline for uninsured Kentuckians to sign up through the state’s exchange site if they want to be covered by January 1.

January 1 is the earliest possible date one can gain coverage under the Affordable Care Act, but uninsured Kentuckians who miss that deadline won’t face a penalty just yet. The uninsured have until March 31st to sign up to avoid the fine.

Roughly 640,000 Kentuckians were uninsured when enrollment began in October. Now, close to 100,000 have either signed up for private plans or Medicaid coverage through the exchange, known as Kynect.

Carrie Banahan, the executive director of the state’s health benefit exchange, says another 10,000 have been cleared to receive subsidized premiums, but have yet to choose a health plan.  Enrollments have been coming in at a rate of about 3,000 a day in recent weeks.

Officials are recommending that those who have signed up for private plans begin paying their premiums at the start of the year to make sure they go into effect.