Mobile App Tracks Changes To Status Of Offenders

Nov 6, 2013

There's a mobile app that notifies crime victims about changes in the status of criminal offenders in Kentucky.

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The free app is called "VINEMobile." Lisa Lamb with the state Department of Corrections says it allows people to use smartphones or tablets to register and be notified of changes in an offender's custody status, such as a release, parole eligibility or escape.

“In this world of handheld technology, everyone has a smart-phone and it’s becoming their primary device so this is something that just makes it easier for them," Lamb told WUKY.

The app allows the user to register with an email address or phone number to receive notifications.

Lamb said people have been using VINEMobile a lot.

“We’ve had several thousand already get on, download it, and search for Kentucky offenders.”

It includes all county jails across the state, state prisons and inmates housed at halfway houses.

The app is available for both Android and Apple devices.