Minor Changes To 21c Museum Hotel Design Approved

Nov 7, 2013

A few tweaks are coming to Lexington’s planned 21c Museum Hotel.

The Courthouse Area Design Review Board gave its approval to the changes Wednesday.

The design adjustments will likely go unnoticed by most as they will actually keep more of the original building facades in the complex intact. They involve restoring some windows rather than replacing them and removing a mechanical penthouse on one of the buildings.

One of the architects on the board, Graham Pohl, says approving the adjustments was an easy decision.

"They were really minor and in my opinion made the whole proposal even less invasive or less different from what one sees today than what had previously been approved," Pohl says.

The board agreed to the original design for the 90-room hotel and restaurant project last August.

A 21c spokesperson says the group hopes to start construction before the end of the year.