Midway College President Stepping Down

Mar 21, 2012

MIDWAY, Ky.  Midway College will soon be looking for another president.  After 10 years at the helm, Dr. William B. Drake has submitted his resignation to the Board of Trustees.

“I feel very much that my work is completed here at Midway College.  Our enrollment is up nearly 20% this year; we were up 14% last year.  We’ve hit all of our targets.  So I feel really a sense of completion at this point", Drake told WUKY.

He went on to say that a lot has changed in higher education over the past decade. 

“The change in higher education in many respects has been mirrored by our institution.  When I came to Midway College we were not offering one online course, and today fully half of our classes are offered online.”

Drake is also credited with nearly tripling the Liberal Arts College’s enrollment, doubling the size of the main campus, and expanding the school’s curriculum; all during relatively rough economic times.

“We have certainly doubled our annual revenues in the last seven years our endowment has increased significantly, but the wealth of this institution is in the fact that we have prepared the next generation of leaders here.”

The school continues to pursue a partnership with the University of Charleston to open a pharmacy school in Paintsville, Kentucky.

Midway will begin the search process for an interim president sometime next month.