Michelle Obama Stumps In Kentucky

Lexington, KY – Michelle Obama made campaign stops in several Kentucky towns the night before the state's primary election. Her husband, presidential candidate Barack Obama, campaigned little in Kentucky, choosing instead to concentrate on winning in Oregon, which also votes on Tuesday.

During a rally last night at her husband's Lexington campaign office, Michelle Obama told some 250 volunteers they could make history in a matter of hours.

"Whether people have supported us or not, universally people have been kind, they have been open, they have been respectful, they have been welcoming, whether they voted for us or not," Obama said.

"People are decent. And folks are just looking for that decency to be reflected in their politics, and it hasn't been for a long time," she said to a crowd of cheering supporters.

Senator Obama is not expected to win in Kentucky. Polling from last week showed Senator Clinton with a 27 point lead over Obama among Kentucky voters.