Meningitis Outbreak Leads To Death Of 1 Kentuckian

Oct 8, 2012

FRANKFORT, Ky.  -- Health officials say one Kentucky resident has died from fungal meningitis after receiving medical care in Tennessee.

The state Public Health Department says it can't provide any details about the death.

The agency said Monday it's been notified that five Kentucky residents came down with the rare form of meningitis after receiving medical attention in Tennessee.

It says these cases match the pattern of an outbreak linked to injections of steroids distributed by a Massachusetts pharmacy.

The health agency says none of the implicated lots is known to have been distributed in Kentucky.

It recommends people contact a health care provider if they have received epidural steroid injections since May 21 and have symptoms such as worsening headache, fever, stiff neck, new weakness or numbness or slurred speech.