Mellow Mushroom Raises Funds for Missing Employee

Jan 9, 2014

A Lexington pizza restaurant is raising funds to help search for a lost employee.

Mellow Mushroom says it is donating 15% of Thursday’s sales to help find Alex Johnson, an employee who went missing on December 20th.  Manager Jody Schultz says he was well-liked among the staff and this fundraiser is a way to help bring everyone together.

"It’s our way of coming together and telling the community, saying hey, we care about him, he was a good guy, we’re going to find some information no matter what, we’re going to keep looking for him," she said. 

To increase turnout, the restaurant will also feature a performance by the Tallboys, a local band. 

“Alex always went to a see them on Sunday nights," Schultz added.   "So when his girlfriend got a hold of them, they graciously said they would come here and play for, and so it would, kind of, get more people out. 

Proceeds from the campaign will go to Alex’s family in order to help fund the search.  While the Tallboys performance begins at 9:00, Mellow Mushroom says it will accept direct donations throughout the day.