Meeting Planned To Discuss Versailles Road Fixes

May 10, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Residents and business owners who live and work on Versailles Road have a chance to sound off Thursday night about the state of the road, which many say is badly in need of upgrades.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has allotted $25-thousand dollars to look for quick, practical solutions traffic issues on Versailles Road. Those who live along the corridor will have an opportunity to offer their input on possible road improvements Thursday night. Friends of Versailles Road chair Paula Singer says the challenges are many.

"...sidewalks, the street and its lack of paving, the bus stops that don't have a place for people to sit," she says. 

While the study is encouraging, Singer says residents are looking for more than half-measures.

"It's sort of 'quick fixes' that have gotten Versailles Road into the mess that it's in right now," Singer says. 

Singer says Mayor Gray’s budget allows for a $150-thousand dollar comprehensive study of Versailles Road and residents are hoping that could lead to more substantial fixes in the future. The meeting is Thursday night at 6:30 at Hope Springs Community Church.