Meeks Earns His Degree

May 8, 2014

A former UK basketball star is back on campus this week, but his stage won’t be the basketball court.

Jodie Meeks made history when the Cats took on the Vols in Tennessee five years ago.

This Saturday Meeks, who now plays for the LA Lakers, is back on UK”s campus, this time his uniform will be a cap and gown.  Meeks has earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing.  His biggest fans will be his family.

“They’ll be here tomorrow night so they’ll get in and I’ll take em to a couple of restaurants that I like going to maybe.  Maybe watch some basketball games.  They’re happy for me too.  Friends and family coming up, it’ll be a good time to spend some time with them.”

Meeks also plans to return to Lexington this summer to take part in his annual basketball camp for kids.