McConnell Wins-Lunsford Comes Up Short Again

Lexington, KY – In his acceptance speech downtown Louisville, McConnell acknowledged how close a race he'd won.

"Winston Churchill once said the most exhilarating feeling in life is to be shot at and missed."

Just five percentage points led McConnell to victory over entrepreneur Bruce Lunsford. In the final days of the campaign, Democrats stepped up efforts to push Lunsford over the top. But Kentucky voters opted to keep the senior senator in Washington.

Lunsford says he didn't lose by a landslide, and that proves that many Kentuckians aren't happy with Senator McConnell's policies. In his concession speech, the Louisville businessman asked the Senator to rethink his economic platform.

When some of Lunsford's supporters booed when McConnell's name was mentioned, the candidate said it was no time for divisiveness.

"No, no, no, we're not doing that. He was a formidable opponent and he did what was necessary to win this race."

This was Lunsford's third unsuccessful bid for statewide office. He says he doesn't plan to seek office again, but will remain politically involved.