McConnell Gains Rubio Endorsement, Defends Olmsted Dam Funding

Oct 21, 2013

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell and challenger Matt Bevin recently received dueling endorsements from conservative heavyweights.

Bevin received a boost to his campaign Friday when the Senate Conservatives Fund endorsed his bid for the seat, but a few days later McConnell is now touting the support of Tea Party favorite Florida Senator Marco Rubio.

The Senate Conservatives Fund elected to back Bevin after the candidate criticized McConnell for taking part in the deal that helped end the government shutdown, which also included $2.8B for a dam project on the Ohio River. Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation, McConnell shot back at those who have labeled the provision a “Kentucky Kickback.”

"It was a provision requested by the president and the Corps of Engineers and suggested by a Senator from Tennessee and a senator from California that actually saves the taxpayers $160M dollars. Rarely in a spending bill do you have a provision that saves $160M dollars for the taxpayers," McConnell told CBS's Bob Schieffer.

McConnell also argued that the provision doesn’t just benefit Kentucky.