Mayor says Lexington Prepared for Winter

Dec 13, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - In a press conference Thursday, Mayor Jim Gray announced "If our winter brings snow, Lexington is ready." 

The city has amassed a stockpile of 5,500 tons of salt and 49 vehicles to plow or salt the 1,100 lane miles of Fayette County streets.   Gray notes that thanks to last year's light winter, the county used only 1800 tons of salt, in comparison with 15,000 tons two winters ago.  In case of emergency, Gray added that "the supplier less than a mile away has ten times the amount you’re seeing right here available, so there’s really not a big reason to be concerned about supply today.”

Sam Williams, director of Lexington Streets and Roads, added that Lexingtonians should make sure their vehicles are in good condition and to give a wide berth to snowplow operators.  

The city's full snow plan is available at