Mayor Jim Gray Says Confederate Statues Will Be Removed From Cheapside Area

Aug 12, 2017

Lexington Mayor Gray tweeted out several statements in response to the violence that broke out at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.  Gray said: "Today's events in Virginia remind us that we must bring our country together by condemning violence, white supremacists and Nazi hate groups. We cannot let them define our future."


On Twitter he also announced plans to try and move a confederate statues in Lexington that are currently at the historic courthouse. He said Saturday's tragic events in Charlottesville caused him to accelerate the announcement.

Gray said in a Tweet that Tuesday he will ask Council to support Lexington’s petition to the Ky Military Heritage Commission, a required next step. Details to come. Lexington's Confederate statues of Breckinridge & Hunt Morgan located at our Historic Courthouse, which will soon be our new visitors center.

Meanwhile, the group Take Back Cheapside, which has long advocated for the removal of the statues released a statement on its facebook group page:

While this is a momentous step, the battle is not over. Today in Virginia we saw the extent to which white supremacists will go to protect their "heritage". We need you now more than ever to ensure this decree is enacted. Thank you to everyone that has supported us thus far! Let push through the finish line!