Mayor Jim Gray Orders Audit Of HealthFirst Clinic Project

May 14, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - The troubled HealthFirst clinic project on Southland Drive is due for an audit – that announcement came from Lexington Mayor Jim Gray Tuesday.

Mayor Gray has requested that State Auditor Adam Edelen investigate the financial decisions that have led HealthFirst to consider abandoning the primary care clinic planned for Southland Drive.

"A new health clinic for our community is at stake here. Regrettably, concerns have been raised and they mst be addressed," Gray said.

HealthFirst, a nonprofit supported by tax dollars, does not come under the direct governance of the city, but Edelen says the tax dollars involved so far warrant an closer look.

"So far we know that we have $250,000 spent from the public treasury and not a lot to show for it. So what my office is going to focus on is an independent and thorough evaluation of how those decisions were made, how we've gotten to where we are, and how we can proceed in the best interest not only of the people who need this safety net but thsoe of us who pay for it in the form of taxpayers," Edelen says.

Edelen says the audit will be tightly focused on the Southland project, but no deadline has been set