Mayor Gray Wants Fire Chief To Resign

Lexington, KY – Lexington Mayor Jim Gray on Monday requested the resignation of Fire Chief Robert Hendricks.

"I've carefully observed the operation of Fire and Emergency Services over the last four years as a councilmember, and now as Mayor," Gray said. "This position requires the highest level of leadership and, regrettably, it has not been demonstrated by Chief Hendricks."

At the Chief's request, Gray gave Hendricks until noon Tuesday to "weigh his options."

Gray said his chief concerns are lack of leadership, failure to manage the division's budget, especially overtime, and division morale. "In observing these issues over some time, I have often expressed my concerns about the division's leadership, and that starts with the Chief," Gray said. "Demanding times require strong leadership."

Hendricks is scheduled to present information on the overtime budget to the Urban County Council Tuesday afternoon. The report shows serious budget overruns in overtime expenditures for firefighters.

In addition, the Mayor is in receipt of a draft investigatory report requested by the Newberry administration concerning sexual harassment within the Division. This investigation is ongoing.