Mayor Gray Names First Woman To Top Administrative Position

Jan 16, 2013

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Mayor Jim Gray announced a round of mid-term appointments Wednesday, including the first woman nominated to the top administrative post in Lexington.

The seven new permanent appointments include a new Commissioner of General Services, Geoff Reed, Director of the Division of Revenue, Bill O’Mara, and Commissioner of the Department of Environmental Quality and Public Works. That position will be filled by local government veteran Richard Moloney.

"Environmental Quality and Public Works needs someone who understands the front line people, a common sense, hands-on manager, and that's what Richard Moloney is," Gray said.

Mayor Gray also named Sally Hamilton as the new Chief Administrative Officer or CAO. While Hamilton is a recent transplant to the urban county government, she’s held a number of administrative positions in state government.

"I didn't realize that I was the first woman, so I'm just excited. I think that's good," Hamilton said.

Rounding out Gray’s mid-term appoints are Glenn Brown, who will serve as Deputy Chief Administrative Officer, former councilman Tom Blues, who will work as an aid to the mayor, and Melissa Lueker, who will head up the Division of Budgeting.