Mayor Gray: Homeless Shelter At Lorillard Lofts Lacks "Ingredients" Of Successful Project

Oct 11, 2013

Officials have announced they will not pursue a proposal to locate a facility for the city's homeless population at Lorillard Lofts on Price Road.

Community Inn in Lexington
Community Inn in Lexington

The project had been explored in public meetings over the past few weeks after Ginny Ramsey, director of the Catholic Action Center and the Community Inn, proposed turning the lofts into a “Wayfinder Center,” which would offer a variety of services to the homeless. Ramsey estimated the cost at around $5 million to purchase the property and $1.6 million to rehab it.

Mayor Gray cited a lack of appropriate zoning, neighborhood concerns, unidentified ongoing expenses, and an absence of signed commitments for major funding or program support from community partners as reasons the city can’t back the project.

The new city office is one of the central recommendations from the Mayor’s Commission on Homelessness.