Mayor Forms Commission To Examine Homelessness In Lexington

May 14, 2012

LEXINGTON, Ky. - Mayor Jim Gray is forming a commission to examine Lexington’s homelessness problem and make recommendations. 

The city generally dedicates around half of its social services partner agency funding to faith-based, non-profit, and citizen-led agencies that work with the homeless. The mayor’s proposed budget for next year allots almost $1 million dollars for that purpose, but dollars might not be enough. Mayor Gray’s Commission on Homelessness is expected to produce results relatively quickly.

"I'm looking to appoint the commission the first of June and for the work then to begin and I expect that we'll see outcomes and action steps reasonable soon after that," Gray says. 

The mayor says he wants the commission to hear from neighbors, businesses, and schools that operate near shelters, as well as advocates for citizens without homes. Among the issues to be discussed are concerns about Messner’s Boarding House, the effects of a food program in Phoenix Park, the operation of the Community Inn, and shelter overcrowding.